New Orleans, Louisiana

The one trip we have made so far that we did take the camera was to New Orleans, LA. and we loved it. Of course we did not get to see everything as we were only there for a few days. We did tour a lot of the "French Quarter" which Michele and I both agree looks a whole lot like Montreal, Canada where Michele is from.
Here are a few pics that we took there.

This guy was painted all gold and performing as a human statue in Jackson square. It was fascinating watching him and trying to see if and when he moved which was not very often or noticeable. Was fun watching the kids when he did move.

Michele just had to take a picture of me in Audubon Park. The park was really big, beautiful,and had statues, ponds, and walking paths. The houses around the park were the old style homes.

From park area we took the "trolley" on down to the "French Quarter"

The Trolley was a great ride and for sure an experience one should have if ever in New Orleans.

Here is a picture of Michele standing on the corner of Bienville and Bourbon Streets in front of "Arnaud's" restaurant where she got called a "Babe" by a passer-by and made her feel good. And of course, she had to get a pic of me going down the street.

Then if at all possible, you have to tour the "French Quarter" and experience "Old New Orleans. There are so many things to see and do and we tried to do our share of them. If you can't do a lot of walking for some reason, there are always many coffee shops, restaurants, and places to sit for a bit. Which I did my share of for sure.

Here I am finishing a great lunch at one of the oldest restaurants in New Orleans. (If you can't tell by the look on my face, the meal was "Fandamtastic".)

Our summer travel plans include a trip from Florida through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, then possibly to California and return by way of South Dakota. Then to Canada in September for Grandson, Matthew's, first birthday.
(Wonder why they call it his "first" birthday since the day he was born was his first birthday and he can't do that again??????)
Anyway, check back for more travels.

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