Taking the ferry to Newfoundland


The day had finally come for us to take the ferry to Newfoundland.  We were all excited and little bit apprehensive.  From past experience, parking on a ferry is difficult.  Since the space is limited, they usually make you park almost on top of each other.

Although we were scheduled to leave at 22:45, we arrived at the ferry port early, at 15:30 in order to get in line.

Bear and our coach, in line to take the ferry


We mainly stayed in our coach, watching TV, knitting or reading a book while waiting for the ferry.  But!  our gang also met and talked for a while!


Ron, Curtis, Sandy, Evelyn, Bear, Gladys, Lana, unknown truck driver, and Terry

There were very few people there at that time, but as the day went by, more and more people arrived.  At one point, we were really wondering how they were going to put all these vehicles on one boat!

An hour later, there were already quite a few more vehicles in line...


There were some interesting vehicles in line:


Vintage police car, said to have been used in the Andy Griffith show

Then, around 19:30, our ferry arrived!

Our ferry arriving to port


Our friend David made a video:  Boarding the ferry from Sydney NS to Argentia NL while embarking on the ferry and parking his motorhome.  We can clearly see our coach and bear coming out of it.  It’s cool and better than words and pictures to give you an idea of how it feels to embark on a ferry.  Despite our apprehension, this ferry was very spacious and we had no problem at all parking.  I drove the car on, and I was parked on another garage level.

Our cabins were basic but comfortable, there was entertainment and reasonably good food.  The whole experience felt like a mini-cruise.  16 hours later, we arrived in Newfoundland!




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