Newfoundland, Twillingate area


From Gander, we drove to Twillingate, also known as the Iceberg Capital of the World.

Although we were told that the size of the moose population in NL is so huge it’s a problem, we still had to spot our first moose.┬á Chicken though, found one that would give him a ride.

Wooohooo! Just kidding! ­čśë

As we got closer to Twillingate, we started spotting icebergs, they were much easier to find than the moose!

Small icebergs near Twillingate

And another one!

The grass was growing, the icebergs were slowly melting, this girl was in paradise!

Of course, Twillingate has its own lighthouse

The lighthouse is still working today!

The town of Twillingate is located on Twillingate island, in Notre Dame bay.┬á The town’s population is about 2,448 people, according to Wikipedia.┬á People here used to fish for a living, but after the collapse of the cod fisheries, they are now relying on tourism as the main source of revenues.┬á We had a great time at a dinner theater called “All around the circle” in Crow Head’s community center.┬á The 6 performers cooked dinner for about 150 people and after serving us, went on the stage and performed a mix of comedy, vaudeville and songs for our great pleasure ­čÖé

The day after we arrived, we drove down the island, to see what we could see.  Each turn in the road brought a new vista.  We could not imagine a more picturesque area.

Sea birds having a conference on a rock ­čśë

We drove to a place called Herring Neck, and the road dead-ended in this guy’s driveway.┬á After talking to him for a little while, I just had to ask permission to take a picture of the view he has from his driveway…

That's what he see every day!

Along the way, Chicken found himself the perfect little house

The people of the village had access to this "cellar" built underground to keep the temperature cool

Even a pile of garbage looked picturesque in these surroundings

Moose antlers and other refuse

We saw a lot of little fishing shacks with piers along the way

And old boats that looked abandoned

This place is a photographer's dream!

Even whale skeletons!

Tnis is one huge skeleton!

And some of the most amazing wild flowers, like these wild iris growing near a little pond.

Nature is such a talented gardener!

And these gorgeous pink ones, growing in a field.

I wish I knew their names!

I climbed a trail up a small mountain in Pikes Arm and the view took my breath away (the climb did too by the way)

View from the top of the hill

View from the other side of the mountain

Back in Twillingate, we went to the beach to wait for the sunset

Town of Twillingate

A perfect end to a perfect day!

And of course, seen along the way…

Huh... only in Canada!


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