Population 3,439, St-Jean-Port-Joli is a disctintly unique component of Québec's cultural landscape. A true wood sculpting Mecca, it owes much of its acclaim to the work of three pioneers who put this picturesque village on Québec's tourist map in the 1930's. Médard Bourgault (sculptgure), Émilie Chamard (weaving) and Eugène Leclerc (miniature boats). Sitting at the edge of the St. Lawrence river, close to the marina, the village quickly reveals its workshops, galleries, museums and parks that bear witness to the foremost place that sculpture and fine crafts have always occupied in the area.

Nicole Deschênes Duval at work in her studio. She specializes in sculptures of children and teenagers.

Wood sculpture featuring children from the 5 continents

First love, one of Nicole Deschênes Duval's sculpture

Outside a boutique, a sculpted tree

Low relief wood sculpture as seen in the Musée des Anciens Canadiens

In Québec, each village has its church, the St-Jean-Port-Joli's church was built in 1779 and has been classified as a historic monument.

The coffered vault of the church is adorned with 4,500 rosettes and designed by the architect Chrysostome Perreault.

The sculpted wood tabernacle gilded with gold leaf by Levasseur and the baptismal fund are extraordinary additions to the church. The church also features different wood sculptures by various local artists

We also visited the Motorcycle Museum, lots of fun for the guys :)

Preparing to pig out again! :) It was DELICIOUS!

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