"Post Cards From The Edge"
Of The Road That Is

Just a little way to keep our Friends and Family posted as to where we are and some of what we are doing or have done during our travels.
Also to keep sort of a scrapbook for us as well.

We have only made a few trips in our (still unnamed baby,still trying to decide on one) so far. And two of those trips were to St. Augustine, Florida where we have forgotten the camera both times. One was an unplanned trip and the other was planned and we just plain forgot the camera. Think Michele did that just so we would have to make another trip there as we both love it. There is a lot to see and do so I really don't mind going at all.

If anyone has a suggestion for a name for the rig, please drop us an e-mail.

Name Suggestions

Our 2005 summer travel plans include a trip from Florida through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California and return by way of South Dakota. Although we did not make it to South Dakota due to weather (snow in fact) we came on back East through Colorado, Kansas, and Missourri on back to home. Have to make it to South Dakota another time for true.
Then to Canada in September for Grandson, Matthew's, first birthday.
(Wonder why they call it his "first" birthday since the day he was born was his first birthday and he can't do that again??????)
Anyway, to catch our first trip which was to New Orleans, Louisiana just push the Roo.....

Pushing the Roos will take you to the places we have travelled so far. Just pick a place and push the Roo and away you go.



Flying Grandma

California/San Diego

Yosemite Valley

In 2006, we left for Canada, first and foremost, to go to my daughter Stephanie's wedding, but we decided that while we were in Canada, we were going to go visit a few places we had never seen. We left Montreal a week after the wedding and headed east, we stopped along the way in Québec city, St-Jean-Port-Joli, we cut across the peninsula and arrived in New Brunswick where we drove across a 9 mile long bridge to Prince Edward Island, then we took the Ferry to Nova Scotia. This is where we are right now, more will be added on later.

St-Jean-Port-Joli, QC

Prince Edward Island

Cape Breton, NS